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Echochella 2011

What’s Coachella all about? Anyone who has gone will tell you that when it comes down to it, yes, it’s about the music and parties but more importantly it’s about the memories you create with your friends while there. Given that our core group was in no mood to spend hundreds of bucks to brave the heat, crowds of strangers and porter-potties (gross), we opted for an even better event…our very own version of Coachella, rightfully dubbed ECHOCHELLA in the middle of (no, not the dessert) but Echo Park at a friend’s place.

So naturally I had to pack a purse/overnight bag…but here were the essentials for the day:
1. the good ole iPhone
2. Urban Outfitters neon bag (with RoseBud lip balm inside)
3.Trident Splash gum
4.Evian face spray (best.thing.ever.)
5. Ray-bans
6. MCM wallet (not that I needed it because we hung out in a backyard all night…but still)
*7. Not shown: My liqour filled flask and Coconut water…both which came in very handy later in the evening, thank you very much. As well as a thick knit grandpa-like sweater…

We all relaxed and then raged into the night as the weather became a little cooler than expected and we made our way into the house whose living room had magically transformed into an awesome dance floor with strobe lights and a dj booth. We  danced until our feet hurt and talked until the wee hours of the morning. And all in all, it was worth it. As a friend said “Dear Echochella, you were not as good as I thought you would be; you were better.” Truth. Last night goes down as one of my favorite memories…denim cut off shorts, ray-bans galore, a magical hammock, cloud watching & star gazing, beer, s’mores, working toilets (yesss), awesome music/epic dance party but most importantly, a night with amazing friends.