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Livin’ at Home & Fallin’ Back with Accessories

As much as I love the summertime, I think fall is my second favorite season. The leaves start to change and it’s that time when you realize how quickly another year of your crazy life has flown by.

And so here is my latest “rent”…or purchases, if you will. As of lately, I’ve really been into accessories….hence the babies down below.

Asos Leather Satchel
ShoeMint’s “Jolly”
JewelMint’s Pomander Pendant
JewelMint’s Victorian Charmer Necklaces
Fresh Lip Treatment in Passion
Vince Camuto’s “Syla”
JewelMint’s Payal Belle Bracelet
Kimchi Blue Suede Platforms (via Urban Outfitters)


Why I’m Single…

Because no man wants to get hurt or cut, if they try to hold my hand…kidding, kidding…No, but seriously, see:

I mean, how rad is my new arrowhead ring?!

The Past, Present, & Future

Things have been beyond mad busy.  I feel like I haven’t stopped moving this month and it’s only the second week of August…but I wouldn’t have it any other way…And so I present to you a recap of shoes…in the form of the past, present, and the future.

If you know me, then you know I love to wear open toed-shoes to show off my toes (which look more like thumbs…but I’ll save that for another post..or not)…so it’s come as quite a surprise that I have been wearing lots of sneakers and flats lately…

The Past: a good ole pair of Chucks…nothing says classic American like these guys…They were originally a bright yellow but after being worn and washed SO many times, they are now the perfect shade of light yellow. These are also the one pair of shoes that I’ve had since I was 11…So wait, did my feet seriously stop growing then?

Next up, The Present: some cute lil sneakers from Urban Outfitters that make me feel all of 12 years old.

And my most recent purchase as of yesterday, which we will call The Future because A)I have yet to wear them and B) They make me feel like an old person…which is what I will eventually become in the future…Hey! See what I did there? Bought these loafers at Urban Outfitters while I was waiting for friends who were running late to lunch, oops? They are the though, the perfect shade for Fall.

I Don’t Have an Internet Bill…

so I bought this pretty piece instead.

The Jacinda ring from DANNIJO is tough and girly all at once…For a little under 100 bucks, this beauty was mine. My younger sister tried to talk me out of getting it (our styles differ)…but I couldn’t resist…and thus was busted when my sister got to the mail before I did. Proof? Here’s our text conversation….

Regardless, I love it…and my finger is happy. SEE:

(From left to right: Dannijo Jacinda Ring, Urban Outfitters ring, vintage ring…Nail color: O.P.I.’s Monsooner or Later)