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EHHH LENT, SCHMENT. (Don’t mean to offend…)

Just to reiterate…all my “rent money” goes to clothes…case in point…I didn’t last until Lent (“bad news”…I guess I tried?)…not.hard.enough. or so my mind/wallet tell me.

But with bad news always comes good…So yes, hello there 5 fabulous pieces from H&M.


***Editor’s note/thought: Damn, I really am going to live at home…forever.

Damn You H&M, Damn You

I’ve been pretty good about not purchasing any clothes given that I gave up clothes shopping for Lent…but that doesn’t stop me from browsing stores and online shops…Yes, I almost had a panick attack over Nasty Gal’s latest lookbook but with the little will power I had, I closed all tabs and moved onto something else…Unfortunately that something else ended up being something WAY better…and so folks, I present to you the latest H&M S/S 2011 collection which is to die for…and the totally epitome of LA casual chic…I want it. All of it.

I don’t know if I can last through Lent but boy am I totally trying…with no help from H&M obviously.

[Images via StyleCaster]

The Irony Of It All

So a few days before I decided on starting this bad boy, Lent began…Not that I am a practicing Catholic but I do it more as a test of will…what brings me so much joy that I could give it up for 40 (yikes) days…So I narrowed my list down to three things (in no particular order)…We won’t go into the other two but they were quickly vetoed for obvious reasons; I wouldn’t survive.

So “clothes shopping” it was.

And thus I present to you my last two purchases made…which by the way feel like they happened a billion years ago. So sad, I know.

Exhibit A: I’ve never felts this tall. No. But seriously.

^Perfectly delicious wedges by Jeffrey Campbell

and Exhibit B: Hear me rooooar

^A pretty and flowy leopard print skirt from Forever 21

Every time I look at these 2 pieces…I think of how much…I should have given up something else. Oy.