Free People March 2011

In the fashion world, I am waaaay late for this one but Free People’s March catalogue (video) is absolutely gorgeous. The short was shot by Guy Aroch in San Juan, Puerto Rico and features models Aline Weber and Alina Baikova. The song, “Simone” by Arms & Sleepers makes the video so dreamy and calming. Watching it make me really miss Puerto Rico and the continually welcoming and carefree ways of the people in the always bustling city.

American Apparel: Ne[ON IT]!

So yeah, yeah I know American Apparel and Dov Charney are currently under a lot of heat but look I have always been a fan of their basics. Last year they launched a nail color collection which I became rather obbsessed with…Among my favorites shade were DTLA, Mouse and Poppy…as the list could go on…Now, I want their latest collection, and a.s.a.p.

The company is releasing 6 limited-edition neon colors in their thick “one coat of polish is enough” formula. Mmmm neon red and neon yellow need to get into my hands and onto my nails…like, now. Each shade will only come in 2,000 bottles so get on it!

Part 2: Echochella 2011

So because our time at Echochella was so epic and out right fun…I thought I would do a follow up…No no, I am not going to go into how I felt the morning after (see the word “death” in case you’re curious though…) but instead an epic video by a talented friend named William Walsh as well as a few of my favorite pictures he snapped that day…

And now for the photos:

What I Wore: Easter

Today I had an amazing lunch with family and neighbors which included delicious main dishes, copious amounts of red wine (thanks to my dad) and home-made flan by the grandma. I really wanted to wear a pretty dress but because it had rained the majority of the day, I opted for more of a “grandma chic look” with a little midriff baring and leopard heels…I mean, I wanted to look somewhat like my age…Oh, layering knits? Yup, sign me up.

Urban Outfitters Grandpa Sweater
Vintage Knit Top
Urban Outfitters Dress Pants
Steve Madden Leopard Heels

And to top it all off? A phone conversation with my best friend who I am headed to NY for vacation later this week! Hoping everyone had a fabulous Easter Sunday! xx

Echochella 2011

What’s Coachella all about? Anyone who has gone will tell you that when it comes down to it, yes, it’s about the music and parties but more importantly it’s about the memories you create with your friends while there. Given that our core group was in no mood to spend hundreds of bucks to brave the heat, crowds of strangers and porter-potties (gross), we opted for an even better event…our very own version of Coachella, rightfully dubbed ECHOCHELLA in the middle of (no, not the dessert) but Echo Park at a friend’s place.

So naturally I had to pack a purse/overnight bag…but here were the essentials for the day:
1. the good ole iPhone
2. Urban Outfitters neon bag (with RoseBud lip balm inside)
3.Trident Splash gum
4.Evian face spray (best.thing.ever.)
5. Ray-bans
6. MCM wallet (not that I needed it because we hung out in a backyard all night…but still)
*7. Not shown: My liqour filled flask and Coconut water…both which came in very handy later in the evening, thank you very much. As well as a thick knit grandpa-like sweater…

We all relaxed and then raged into the night as the weather became a little cooler than expected and we made our way into the house whose living room had magically transformed into an awesome dance floor with strobe lights and a dj booth. We  danced until our feet hurt and talked until the wee hours of the morning. And all in all, it was worth it. As a friend said “Dear Echochella, you were not as good as I thought you would be; you were better.” Truth. Last night goes down as one of my favorite memories…denim cut off shorts, ray-bans galore, a magical hammock, cloud watching & star gazing, beer, s’mores, working toilets (yesss), awesome music/epic dance party but most importantly, a night with amazing friends.

EHHH LENT, SCHMENT. (Don’t mean to offend…)

Just to reiterate…all my “rent money” goes to clothes…case in point…I didn’t last until Lent (“bad news”…I guess I tried?)…not.hard.enough. or so my mind/wallet tell me.

But with bad news always comes good…So yes, hello there 5 fabulous pieces from H&M.


***Editor’s note/thought: Damn, I really am going to live at home…forever.

Damn You H&M, Damn You

I’ve been pretty good about not purchasing any clothes given that I gave up clothes shopping for Lent…but that doesn’t stop me from browsing stores and online shops…Yes, I almost had a panick attack over Nasty Gal’s latest lookbook but with the little will power I had, I closed all tabs and moved onto something else…Unfortunately that something else ended up being something WAY better…and so folks, I present to you the latest H&M S/S 2011 collection which is to die for…and the totally epitome of LA casual chic…I want it. All of it.

I don’t know if I can last through Lent but boy am I totally trying…with no help from H&M obviously.

[Images via StyleCaster]

The Irony Of It All

So a few days before I decided on starting this bad boy, Lent began…Not that I am a practicing Catholic but I do it more as a test of will…what brings me so much joy that I could give it up for 40 (yikes) days…So I narrowed my list down to three things (in no particular order)…We won’t go into the other two but they were quickly vetoed for obvious reasons; I wouldn’t survive.

So “clothes shopping” it was.

And thus I present to you my last two purchases made…which by the way feel like they happened a billion years ago. So sad, I know.

Exhibit A: I’ve never felts this tall. No. But seriously.

^Perfectly delicious wedges by Jeffrey Campbell

and Exhibit B: Hear me rooooar

^A pretty and flowy leopard print skirt from Forever 21

Every time I look at these 2 pieces…I think of how much…I should have given up something else. Oy.

How My Blog Came To Be

Me: So I don’t when I am going to move…I need to save money or something like that…like, maybe stop shopping.
My Boss: Yeah, you have something new…like…everyday.
Me: Oh I know. That’s where my rent money goes.

And like that it all made [perfect] sense, I had the title, idea and inspiration for my blog…I’m a 22 year old USC alum who works for a fashion company and their blog but lives at home (with some of the hippest parents a girl could ask for)…I brave the hour commute into LA and the hour and a half commute back home every Monday through Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a good job with pay that could afford me rent but instead I find myself buying clothes or partaking in other social outings that cost money…Oh bills? Utilities? Water? Internet? A Landlord? No thanks, but hey isn’t my new Halston bag awesome!? But don’t think I’m getting off the hook “easy” here…I do pay rent to live at home but it’s nothing compared to living on my own somewhere in Los Angeles.

So each day as I hop into my car in my most recently purchased goods I think of what a way I have come. Back in the 90’s I was a child actor with buck teeth and a bowl haircut…Kids who watched Nickelodeon referred to me as Lorena Garcia while millions also witnessed my oh-so-very awkward progression through puberty which included  horrible outfits, a ton of pink glitter nail polish and brows that were waaay over plucked (giving any teen tweezers for the first time is a bad bad thing I tell you). So I pursued my passion for acting but slowly realized that I had lost my patience for it…And hey as I often say jokingly (but in actual seriousness too), I [think] I did turn out pretty good in the end…a child actor from the 90’s currently not in rehab, arrested for a dui and or theft…blah blah you get it.

And in this unassuming way the world of fashion is similar to acting as clothes and the outfits we construct tell stories, evoke emotions and inspire…so on that note, welcome & enjoy!