Getting Nailed

Personally, I’ve never understood  a female’s fascination with getting their nails done…or did…whatever, which ever you prefer. For me, it’s always been a waste of time and money given that no manicure lasts on anyone for more than 3 days- no matter how intense your topcoat is…and acrylics? Oh no, don’t even get me staaaarted on those. I had them once for about a total of 48 hours the weekend of my Senior Prom and then it was over. Forever.

That being said though, I can admit that I am a total sucker for any at home DIY mani/pedi. Just ask any of the guys I’ve dated…A perfect manicure comes at the top of my list. Priorities, priorities, I know. But hey! You know I’m (kinda) right? Like think about it…an attractively cute girl with knarly nails or toes….#dealbreaker

Don’t believe that I’m a sucker for a good DIY mani? Here’s the proof. My at home nail salon:

And that’s just the half of it…oops. And so I present to you the latest member of the family….American Apparel nail lacquer in “Downtown LA”….Love love love the name and love love love the shade of red…It is just perfect and it’s actually my second bottle of “Downtown Red” because I used the last bottle down til it’s last stroke.

So what say you on this lovely Wednesday night? Have no plans…Perfect. GO.GET.NAILED.

5 Responses to Getting Nailed

  1. Howdy. I had something to say, but I’ve seem to forgotten by the time I had to sign all this e-stuff.

    oh, but I recently heard something about how pedicures involve some sort of nee3dling of the feet, with pins n shit.

    doesn’t sound fun to me.

    Nice shade of red.
    Stay sexy.

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