The Perks of Living at Home, Part 2

You can actually afford to buy new clothes…monthly, errr weekly (and unfortunately or fortunately daily depending on how you look at it)…Case in point: 3 new pieces. I love the simple femininity of the white dress, the sheerness/length of the black one, and how ridiculously soft the camel sweater is…I can see myself tossing that sweater in my car and putting it over practically anything and everything I’m wearing when the temperature in LA starts to drop.

[All items via Forever 21]

So given that that former perk is an obvious one (duh)…There also comes another…Having a stylish mom who cleans her closet (and not often enough as far as I am concerned…) and BOOM! One man’s trash suddenly becomes another (daughter’s) treasure. Mom found her vintage Versace belt…and I gladly took it. See:

How amazing would it look with the black number above? Very.

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