Because Sometimes/And Then…

BECAUSE SOMETIMES: you just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, you miss your optimistic & naive self at the age of 18, your clothes don’t fit right leaving you feeling even shorter than you already are, your day at work stresses you out after you spent 2+ hours getting to and fro in traffic, you think a close person can do better, certain friends have suddenly become acquaintances, you want to move but have no idea to where, a vacation sounds nice, you think you know someone when you really don’t, your coffee isn’t strong enough, you miss someone dear who misses you just as much/you miss someone who has chosen to completely forget about you, Frank Sinatra makes you cry more than it makes you smile, you wish you didn’t have to wear contacts and knew a third language, there aren’t enough hours in the day, you long for the nights when you could stay up until 3am with friends talking about life on a porch or in a hallway, and the breeze is too cold;  it doesn’t feel like Summer…just yet.


You see something something so picturesque that reality sets in and you realize how small you and your issues are in comparison to everything else in the grand scheme of things…and in that very moment, nothing else really matters. You can’t help but feel good. Things are okay; they are more than okay- they are beautiful. And for one small moment that optimistic & naive 18 year old self smiles…with and at the more wise you.


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