How My Blog Came To Be

Me: So I don’t when I am going to move…I need to save money or something like that…like, maybe stop shopping.
My Boss: Yeah, you have something new…like…everyday.
Me: Oh I know. That’s where my rent money goes.

And like that it all made [perfect] sense, I had the title, idea and inspiration for my blog…I’m a 22 year old USC alum who works for a fashion company and their blog but lives at home (with some of the hippest parents a girl could ask for)…I brave the hour commute into LA and the hour and a half commute back home every Monday through Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a good job with pay that could afford me rent but instead I find myself buying clothes or partaking in other social outings that cost money…Oh bills? Utilities? Water? Internet? A Landlord? No thanks, but hey isn’t my new Halston bag awesome!? But don’t think I’m getting off the hook “easy” here…I do pay rent to live at home but it’s nothing compared to living on my own somewhere in Los Angeles.

So each day as I hop into my car in my most recently purchased goods I think of what a way I have come. Back in the 90’s I was a child actor with buck teeth and a bowl haircut…Kids who watched Nickelodeon referred to me as Lorena Garcia while millions also witnessed my oh-so-very awkward progression through puberty which included  horrible outfits, a ton of pink glitter nail polish and brows that were waaay over plucked (giving any teen tweezers for the first time is a bad bad thing I tell you). So I pursued my passion for acting but slowly realized that I had lost my patience for it…And hey as I often say jokingly (but in actual seriousness too), I [think] I did turn out pretty good in the end…a child actor from the 90’s currently not in rehab, arrested for a dui and or theft…blah blah you get it.

And in this unassuming way the world of fashion is similar to acting as clothes and the outfits we construct tell stories, evoke emotions and inspire…so on that note, welcome & enjoy!

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