Monthly Archives: January 2012

Meeting the Parents

Such a “big deal” right? Nah. I’m good with parents…I think? Yesterday I (bought or) brought someone home…but first, the obligatory text warning my mom. See below:

Several things need to be addressed regarding our conversation above before I can move on:

1. Yes, my mom and I speak to one another like pre-teens, hence “Oh haiii” and “hoe”
2. No one says “wazzzz up” anymore…I will have to let ma know…
3. Happy she thought it was a puppy, but even more happy that she then realized who her daughter actually was…And that yes, I would buy shoes before a pet (Hey, I’m just not ready for that kind of responsibility, okay.)
4. Equally happy that my mom was willing to get dressed for someone…if it was an actual human (Sorry…not today…maybe one day?)
5. Truth Revealed and she writes back “Oh dear”. Perfection.

So here he is…this sexy man is all mine:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Python Shine Messenger Bag

Naturally she found him to be good look and little overrated…which may or may not actually be the case with actual males I’ve brought home. Kidding, kidding. Anyways, here’s to a long lasting relationship.

My New Friend

Say hello to my new friend Kathy (via ShoeMint). She’s badass and not afraid to make heads turn when she walks into a room.

Yeah, I just personified my new shoes. And what.