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I Don’t Have an Internet Bill…

so I bought this pretty piece instead.

The Jacinda ring from DANNIJO is tough and girly all at once…For a little under 100 bucks, this beauty was mine. My younger sister tried to talk me out of getting it (our styles differ)…but I couldn’t resist…and thus was busted when my sister got to the mail before I did. Proof? Here’s our text conversation….

Regardless, I love it…and my finger is happy. SEE:

(From left to right: Dannijo Jacinda Ring, Urban Outfitters ring, vintage ring…Nail color: O.P.I.’s Monsooner or Later)

Single Ladies Put A Ring On It (Not)

With the springtime here and “love in the air”, the topic of weddings has been popping up more and more…which is totally fine except I’m single (see: alone) and have 3 friends that just got engaged…including my younger sister. Which even more so solidifies my thought that I will indeed be the crazy single woman with cats and a ton of Chanel bags (regardless of the fact that I hate cats…but whatever).

On this lovely Sunday my sister and I ventured to malls of all malls (The Southcoast Plaza) and did more window-shopping than actual shopping…Where I spoke of drinks and dudes, my sister (the little bride to be) stopped at every single window display for diamonds…and then there  was the Tiffany & Co. window display which was absolutely adorable…so warm and heartfelt…as in my sister awed at the windows and I rolled my eyes…and then started sobbing. I kid, I kid.

Super thoughtful and adorable right?! And while I do (one day) want what’s below…Hot model Lily Aldrige marries hot dude (Caleb Followill) in cool band from Kings of Leon…I can wait.

So for now, I am this…but on the West Coast…

Except I’m not like 30-something…don’t have Bradshaw’s banging bod (yet…ha) Oh, and I live at home. Crap.

[image source]



Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of…

New York City.

…or specifically the LES (that’s the lower east side…)

That damn jungle also stole my purse and dignity on the last night my amazing vacation. Since then, life has been in shambles…trying to rebuild things like my wallet and identity via several trips to the DMV…But hey, someone in NYC is the proud owner of a $500 marc jacobs bag, a treasured vintage MCM wallet, a fabulous point-n-shoot camera with over 200 photos from the trip (such.a.bummer.), an iPhone and over $100 in cash.

It could have always been worse and all those things can be replaced but damn someone scored. Just have to laugh it off, that’s life.

Oh, and in case you are confused about the title of this post, see below: