Meeting the Parents

Such a “big deal” right? Nah. I’m good with parents…I think? Yesterday I (bought or) brought someone home…but first, the obligatory text warning my mom. See below:

Several things need to be addressed regarding our conversation above before I can move on:

1. Yes, my mom and I speak to one another like pre-teens, hence “Oh haiii” and “hoe”
2. No one says “wazzzz up” anymore…I will have to let ma know…
3. Happy she thought it was a puppy, but even more happy that she then realized who her daughter actually was…And that yes, I would buy shoes before a pet (Hey, I’m just not ready for that kind of responsibility, okay.)
4. Equally happy that my mom was willing to get dressed for someone…if it was an actual human (Sorry…not today…maybe one day?)
5. Truth Revealed and she writes back “Oh dear”. Perfection.

So here he is…this sexy man is all mine:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Python Shine Messenger Bag

Naturally she found him to be good look and little overrated…which may or may not actually be the case with actual males I’ve brought home. Kidding, kidding. Anyways, here’s to a long lasting relationship.

My New Friend

Say hello to my new friend Kathy (via ShoeMint). She’s badass and not afraid to make heads turn when she walks into a room.

Yeah, I just personified my new shoes. And what.

Retiring the Ray-Bans (For Now)

I’m in love with my new sunnies.

Karen Walker’s Perfect Day Sunnies

Really, they’re perfect. Time to put the Ray-Bans away for a bit…

Livin’ at Home & Fallin’ Back with Accessories

As much as I love the summertime, I think fall is my second favorite season. The leaves start to change and it’s that time when you realize how quickly another year of your crazy life has flown by.

And so here is my latest “rent”…or purchases, if you will. As of lately, I’ve really been into accessories….hence the babies down below.

Asos Leather Satchel
ShoeMint’s “Jolly”
JewelMint’s Pomander Pendant
JewelMint’s Victorian Charmer Necklaces
Fresh Lip Treatment in Passion
Vince Camuto’s “Syla”
JewelMint’s Payal Belle Bracelet
Kimchi Blue Suede Platforms (via Urban Outfitters)


An Update for All 3 of my Readers

(Not including my mom…so technically that’s 4….holla)

You know it’s been a while when you try to login and you first attempt at a password fails…Oops?! So much change has happened since my last post; I don’t  know where to start.

A long time ago someone told me that they made the effort to learn at least one new thing a day…and in August (a  year out of college) I felt stuck; wanting to learn more. Hence a new job with an amazing company at the beginning of September, the perfect way to start my 23rd year of life…the only downside…STILL living at home with 16 more miles added to my daily commute. Yeah, I’m spending 3 hours a day in my car…and what?

Upside? I’ve been shopping. A LOT.

More posts coming soon, promise.

Why I’m Single…

Because no man wants to get hurt or cut, if they try to hold my hand…kidding, kidding…No, but seriously, see:

I mean, how rad is my new arrowhead ring?!

The Past, Present, & Future

Things have been beyond mad busy.  I feel like I haven’t stopped moving this month and it’s only the second week of August…but I wouldn’t have it any other way…And so I present to you a recap of shoes…in the form of the past, present, and the future.

If you know me, then you know I love to wear open toed-shoes to show off my toes (which look more like thumbs…but I’ll save that for another post..or not)…so it’s come as quite a surprise that I have been wearing lots of sneakers and flats lately…

The Past: a good ole pair of Chucks…nothing says classic American like these guys…They were originally a bright yellow but after being worn and washed SO many times, they are now the perfect shade of light yellow. These are also the one pair of shoes that I’ve had since I was 11…So wait, did my feet seriously stop growing then?

Next up, The Present: some cute lil sneakers from Urban Outfitters that make me feel all of 12 years old.

And my most recent purchase as of yesterday, which we will call The Future because A)I have yet to wear them and B) They make me feel like an old person…which is what I will eventually become in the future…Hey! See what I did there? Bought these loafers at Urban Outfitters while I was waiting for friends who were running late to lunch, oops? They are the though, the perfect shade for Fall.

Getting Nailed

Personally, I’ve never understood  a female’s fascination with getting their nails done…or did…whatever, which ever you prefer. For me, it’s always been a waste of time and money given that no manicure lasts on anyone for more than 3 days- no matter how intense your topcoat is…and acrylics? Oh no, don’t even get me staaaarted on those. I had them once for about a total of 48 hours the weekend of my Senior Prom and then it was over. Forever.

That being said though, I can admit that I am a total sucker for any at home DIY mani/pedi. Just ask any of the guys I’ve dated…A perfect manicure comes at the top of my list. Priorities, priorities, I know. But hey! You know I’m (kinda) right? Like think about it…an attractively cute girl with knarly nails or toes….#dealbreaker

Don’t believe that I’m a sucker for a good DIY mani? Here’s the proof. My at home nail salon:

And that’s just the half of it…oops. And so I present to you the latest member of the family….American Apparel nail lacquer in “Downtown LA”….Love love love the name and love love love the shade of red…It is just perfect and it’s actually my second bottle of “Downtown Red” because I used the last bottle down til it’s last stroke.

So what say you on this lovely Wednesday night? Have no plans…Perfect. GO.GET.NAILED.

The Perks of Living at Home, Part 3


For only $200 bucks…the price of gasoline to and fro work not included…

So, instead I bought this, and by this, I mean multiple things…because the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is currently happening…and I have no self control (an obvious one…)

And although I have never been good at math…I do know what this totals to:

A very happy Vaneza who will live at home…for (at least) another month.

Juicy Couture Medium Flap Front Shoulder Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs “Marc Y Marc” Wallet

The Perks of Living at Home, Part 2

You can actually afford to buy new clothes…monthly, errr weekly (and unfortunately or fortunately daily depending on how you look at it)…Case in point: 3 new pieces. I love the simple femininity of the white dress, the sheerness/length of the black one, and how ridiculously soft the camel sweater is…I can see myself tossing that sweater in my car and putting it over practically anything and everything I’m wearing when the temperature in LA starts to drop.

[All items via Forever 21]

So given that that former perk is an obvious one (duh)…There also comes another…Having a stylish mom who cleans her closet (and not often enough as far as I am concerned…) and BOOM! One man’s trash suddenly becomes another (daughter’s) treasure. Mom found her vintage Versace belt…and I gladly took it. See:

How amazing would it look with the black number above? Very.